Netwurx TG

Complete Protection

Anti-virus, Patching, & Remote Monitoring

Kaizen Workplace protection safeguards your computers against the latest malware and viruses like WannaCry and CryptoLocker, while keeping your system patched and up to date. Our remote platform monitors performance issues on workstations and servers and services them automatically and on-the-fly.



Collaboration Anywhere

VoIP & Unified Communications (UC)

Kaizen Voice offers scalable, easy to use, enterprise-quality VoIP and Unified Communications at an attainable price for any sized business. One monthly bill for all of your communications needs. Minimize costs with video & voice conferencing, chat, email, and file sharing, all from the same UC platform. When combined with Kaizen SureLink 4G LTE failover, even when your internet is down, your business is still up.  


Recover Seamlessly

Backup Disaster & Recovery

Kaizen BDR provides world-class storage with round-the-clock security in data centers located on three continents. These data centers’ certifications meet all requirements for HIPAA compliance and other legal and regulatory standards, are ISO 27001 certified, and have a 99.999% uptime. Users can also select their preferred level of encryption.



Minimize Risk

Security Cameras & Access Control

Kaizen SiteSecure was designed to give you complete control over your businesses security. Security cameras and access control will provide you peace of mind in knowing that your business is protected round-the-clock by HD Security cameras which can be monitored from your mobile device or computer anywhere in the world. Access control and proxy cards let you control and monitor access to your building and is safer and more effective than a typical lock-and-key.



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